Monday, May 31, 2010

I deserve a ______________________

I deserve a vacation of my choice: a place which is bright and sunny in the morning and it rains in the late evening. It should be based on a sea shore with hammocks and beach chairs. It should have the golden and soft sand. When I am there, I would like to run on the sound and let the cold water flow over my feet. The resort should have separate, small houses for every guest instead of rooms in a building. The houses should be ones that are beautiful and should have a room which is made of glass on one side instead of wall so that one can see the beach. The house should also come with a nice swing by the patio.
A perfect vacation would be filled with activities and environments I love, as mentioned above. I can see myself having the time of my life: swinging on the swing in the patio, looking at the clear, bright sky. Then, taking a walk and maybe doing some shopping. Following that, I would play tennis in one of the courts they have. In the evening, while I am looking at the sea, the rain pours on me and I run to my little, beautiful house. I would go to the glass room and feel the rain pour over the glass while stretching my legs out and watching a great movie on a plasma television (maybe, even a home theater. But I am sure that is way too much to ask for in a resort. In fact, I would like to own a house in such a location as well. It would be a place I would love to go to). Anyways, during the movie, I would order myself a great dinner with all my favorite dishes and cherish every moment I'm there. Then, it would be time to sleep, my mind filled with hopes that the next day would be a day filled with new adventures as well. That is the sort of vacation I think I deserve.

Point of view of a glass at the edge of a table

The nightmare of my life almost came true yesterday. Let me tell you about it:
So, yesterday, the family I belong to hosted a party and thereby, I was at full use. And all of a sudden, I realized that I was at the edge of a table. Trust me, it wasn't pretty when I realized I was at the verge of death. I felt horrible. That was the first time in my life I wished I could talk. If I were able to talk, I would have screamed and yelled at whoever placed me there. Anyway, when I looked to the right, I saw that if I fell, I would break and shatter into pieces. I started to believe that my life was going to end. I tried to save myself. Ofcourse, I couldn't do much as I can't move. Right when I was thinking of that, someone accidentally pushed me and there I went, falling off the table. I had the same feeling humans would have if they were pushed off a cliff. It was horrible. I saw the ground coming closer and closer to me. I cried and wept. When I was seconds away from being shattered, I felt a human hand. A glimpse of hope arose. Ah! Someone caught me. I felt relieved and I so wanted to thank that person. And believe me, I never want to go through that again. Never Ever!

13 Good Reasons to Learn another Language

  1. Wider Perspective: Helps understand and interpret many things much better
  2. Secret Communication: When you are mad at someone, you can put a smile on your face, and scold them in the other language (make sure they don't know that language)
  3. It will help you in foreign countries.
  4. It increases your understanding of the world
  5. To express your feelings better
  6. Challenging Yourself
  7. Better jobs opportunities
  8. If you love literature, you will have a greater list of works you can read
  9. Self Confidence and Self respect
  10. Increase your horizons: Can travel easily and a lot more
  11. Improve your memory skills
  12. Learn about cultures and religions much more easily
  13. Make a difference: You can help people: hunger, poverty, etc.

Plus, it is fun! So, learn and have fun!

No Electricity?

Prompt: Electricity is a recent discovery. Think of 12 things to do when there is no power.
Here we go....

12 Things to do without power:
  1. Reading cool books under the sun
  2. Mountain Climbing: starting from small mountains to large ones
  3. Banana Boat Rafting (with life jackets): The banana boats look really cool
  4. Scuba diving with sharks and whales.
  5. Parasailing over the blue, blue oceans
  6. Bungee jumping (if one has the guts.. I don't) from the "Bridge to Nowhere", California
  7. Surfing on a wave
  8. Biking in the Metroparks
  9. Going on a jog at 5 am!
  10. Swimming in the beach (Perhaps, a beach in Florida?)
  11. Cook to eat more
  12. Invent Electricity!
None of these require electricity. Some of them might need fuel for their machines, but that's about it. How cool!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A letter to my ten your old self!

Hey little girl,

This is the older you writing to you. Being older than you, I believe it is important to give you some pointers and to share some of my experiences with you. Doing so would make your life the way you want it to be. You are ten years old, living in Chennai, India, with your family and friends, and without a hint about your future. One thing I know about you that there are certain little things that you are proud of; such as you have never moved from a city to another and that you have not even switched schools this far. Well, let me tell you this. When you are in grade 9, you will move to America. You will be moving to not just a different school and city but to a different country and you know what, you will be even more proud of yourself for moving to a new country and facing new things. So, when that situation arises, don't worry about anything at all. Infact, I remember that my (meaning your's) first reaction when the situation was put forward was, "yes, let us move to America". Trust me, it was an awesome decision and I believe that you should take that decision too.
This is one of the greatest things you will undergo until atleast you are 16 and a half years old, so listen up. It will be a very difficult time. You will have to get used to so many new things: new friends (by the way, you get two awesome best friends and many other cool friends), new lifestyle, new food, etc., but you will definitely get used to it. Infact, you will enjoy a lot of those changes. I am not saying you will enjoy every single change and difference that you will face, but you will definitely learn to love those little things too.
It will be a time that changes your personality into a more outgoing and bold one than before. There will be times when you feel insecure and times when you feel out of place, during those times I suggest that you speak to your parents. They will be of great help even though you might not think they would. But I can assure you that after everytime you speak with them, you will realize this. And, about your sister: ofcourse you guys will fight but she will truly be a darling. You guys will support each other a lot. You know, one good thing about moving will be how close your family will grow into. Trust me, it will be fun! Your settling time after this big move will take over 2 to 3 years but it will a time of great experience.
You know what little girl, everything will be fine. I know it will. There is nothing to worry about. Also, an important tip I want to tell you is that you should not be tensed. The changes you face will lead you to being tensed but it doesn't help. Your strength is your hard work and confidence. Don't ever let your confidence dip. At times, I did but I overcame looking back at every acheivement I did after moving to America. Many people who were born and brought up here have not done so much. So, don't ever let your confidence dip. Your life will sail smoothly!
There is so much more to say to you but this one letter is not enough. Maybe I will write more often to you, but remember, you are awesome!!

The Older You
P.S. - SORRY IF IT IS TOO SERIOUS. I will talk about all the awesome fun stuff of your life in the next letter(like rolar coasters and sledding).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rules of Life... Forever!

There are many rules in this world: some have been taught and others learnt. Rules could be once that are the same for the whole world and some rules that you set for yourself.
Some of the rules that my parents have taught me are:
  • Respect elders
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Dress neatly
  • Dont panic during situations that are difficult
  • Learn from the mistakes of others
  • Think independently. Dont depend on others
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Follow any safety rules provided
  • Work to acheive your goals but be sure no one is hurt in the process
  • Dont trust everyone you see
  • Dont give up easily
  • Find one reason to do a job than give 100 reasons to not go it
  • Do every job you do to its best and fullest
  • Hard work always pays off

There are some rules and skills that my parents haven't told me:

  • Be organized
  • Show your love to your family outwardly
  • Set a goal early in life and work towards it.
  • Find ways to handle different kinds of people
  • Find a way to feel confident at all times
  • Find a way to get rid of tension at all times

These are the some of the rules I could think of. I am sure there is more to add on both categories. But guess what, nothing could have gone right in my life without my parents! I love them!

Thursday, February 11, 2010